MULTIEPORTAL eLearning Portals feature an evolving Management Platform

  • Users can be added, activated, archived or deleted. Users’ profiles provide collected information along with their educational activity on the eLearning Portal
  • Ability to tag any eLearning activity or educational material with Topics or Labels (groups of content)
  • Statistic Panel provides aggregate statistics about the level of educational activity on the eLearning Portal
  • Ability to upload and manage documents in the document library, practice guidelines section and more
  • The management platform requires a special administrative access via https
  • The legal section provides administrator with the ability to modify legal sections of the eLearning Portal and manage registration agreements accepted through a personalized registration form put in place
  • New! Ability to generate Self Assessment and interactive Clinical Cases
  • New! Ability to generate embedded viewers with content  to be exposed on other websites

“In-depth activity level reports should be made easy to understand and show to your board in order to assess the level of educational activity online. We no longer talk about the number of items being viewed here, but rather the range of time spent by different types of users on different topics. This data then allows the association to shape the content of its scientific projects/congresses according to the current and accurate needs of the audience.” Joel-Zvi Chetzroni, CEO MULTILEARNING Group Inc.
MULTIEPORTAL offers ability to manage privilege/paid access to content and activity according to an efficient structure:

  • Regular Access
  • Access to free (often past) eLearning Activities & educational materials

  • Reserved Content Access
  • Special access to specific content to a special group of users

  • Premium Content Access
  • Privileged access to Premium content to a specific group of users (i.e.: members of the association) along with payment options for non-premium users