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September 2016

Advancing medical societies’ educational delivery at the pace specialists need to update their practices: a pivotal role for board members

Education is often the first and if not, the second fundamental service of a medical society. With this post that takes 3 minutes to read, executive board members hold the key to having a potential drastic and long-term positive impact on their society.

by Joel Chetzroni

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August 2016

Attaining the optimal iPhone/Android Learning Apps for Specialists & other HCPs: The fruit of intense collaboration with and among Medical Societies

If you spend too much time looking at the competition, it means you are not creative anymore …And on the contrary when you hear that others take your work as a reference, it means you are where you should be, working hard in synergy with your partners, focused on your pipeline, and sometimes thinking years ahead of the others.

by Joel Chetzroni

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attaining optimal iPhone Android Learning Apps

March 2016

A revolution in webcasting: The “Session Highlight” authoring tool to drastically increase end-users’ experience!

There are number of issues with event webcasting that medical societies are facing when releasing their webcasts.

Although they do the same work year after year (most of the time due to time constraint or to avoid the hassle of switching products ), they know they could do much better.

How? By enhancing the post production of those webcasts to reach the level of entertaining to watch content and even having them be part of self assessments, learning modules, accredited courses - basically making them much more interactive. This is what we have successfully achieved for our clients over the past 16 years.


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December 2015

Watch our 2015 review!

What features did we work on this year? How many times did our staff travel the earth’s circumference for covering your medical conferences? How did technologies and online learning mark the world of medical societies over the past 12 months? Find out here in a MULTILEARNING year in review!


Screen Shot 2016-01-13 at 11.24.43 PM



November 2015


AASLD LiverLearning iOS App: Provide MOC Points, CME/CE Credits, eLearning and Conference materials from an iPhone

Do you want your members and meeting attendees to acquire MOC points, CME/CE Credits and access anything your medical society does in education from the palm of their hands but heard stakeholders within your society saying it’s not possible?

by Joel Chetzroni

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August 2015

Flash/HTML5, an upheaval in the field of eLearning

More than ever, people in education must have a clear understanding of what is happening in the internet world that is directly impacting their field more than others. Why is that?

by Joel Chetzroni

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July 2015

Oral Poster Sessions demystified thanks to ePosters!

Many medical conference organizers struggle to properly organize and structure oral Scientific Poster Sessions during their events.

– How much time should be allocated to Poster Presenters?
– What material should Poster Authors be authorized to present?
– Where and how will the session take place?
– Should they be moderated?
– Many more questions and a lot of work

by Joel Chetzroni

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April 2015

Fundamental Questions for Associations prior to investing in eLearning

1) What is the mission for educational service delivery in my association?
2) Is the main objective of my association to boost membership and increase membership retention?
3) Is a key objective of my association to increase the value of participating at live events?4) Is an important objective of my association to generate, within 18 months, a top ranking Membership Benefit around education that I would fully control?
5) Is a goal of my association to position ourselves as a leading organization for education in our field?

By Joel Chetzroni

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Fundamental question

March 2014


Online education is a very important component of educational services to be provided by medical societies to their targeted audiences; if not the most important on the long term.

With the onset of new regulations worldwide such as the upcoming new EFPIA Disclosure Code, medical societies must be prepared to offer more effective educational services in order to increase both membership & sponsorship opportunities.

By Joel Chetzroni

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July 2013

Biggest ever ePoster Project in Europe

We are pleased to announce that the MULTILEARNING Group proudly made the headlines again in the digital educational world for medical societies by handling the biggest ever ePoster Project in Europe and possibly elsewhere, as you can see on the picture below.

By Joel Chetzroni

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