There are number of issues with event webcasting that medical societies are facing when releasing their webcasts.

Although they do the same work year after year (most of the time due to time constraint or to avoid the hassle of switching products ), they know they could do much better. 

How? By enhancing the post production of those webcasts to reach the level of entertaining to watch content and even having them be part of self assessments, learning modules, accredited courses - basically making them much more interactive. This is what we have successfully achieved for our clients over the past 16 years. 

This time, at MULTILEARNING, we have decided to take the case of “Regular” webcasting seriously and find ways societies could give “the” extra feature that would allow them to finally get out of this very old (not to say boring) routine in order to provide a much better end-users’ experience.

As you will see in this video presenting our latest and free to use “Session Highlight” authoring tool, we have provided our clients with a unique webcasting tool to allow them to:

Increase end-users’ experience by allowing them to instantly get key messages of a session within a single shorter presentation.

And this takes minutes to do for our clients! See for yourself:

On an educational level, gathering content from the same session allows you to easily select the best content, sparing the time of end-users looking for the most relevant information from medical conferences.
The “View Full Presentation” button allows end-users to jump to the full presentation from any slide viewed within a Session Highlight, which was a must to have in order to allow HCPs to get the context whenever they want.
With the release of the “Session Highlight”, our clients increase their end-users’ experience while watching webcasts, and spare their valuable time allowing them to engage in more eLearning Activities.

As always with MULTILEARNING, there is much more to come and I invite you to contact us to find out more and even try us out! We are here for you and our awards and clients’ achievements in eLearning and Mobile Learning speak for themselves!


I would like to extend my heartfelt congratulations to our clients the American Society of Radiation Oncology (ASTRO) and the Société Internationale d’Urologie (SIU) for being shortlisted in the International and European Association Awards for best use of Event Technology and Best eLearning/Online education. Best of luck to you both!

Joel Chetzroni, CEO MULTILEARNING Group

About the author

Joel-Zvi Chetzroni is the CEO of the MULTILEARNING Group Inc., a Montreal-based company of 40+employees dedicated to online & mobile education and operating worldwide since 2000. He is an ergonomist & eLearning expert in medical education and creation is part of his daily routine. Joel is recognized by the medical association world for his contribution in improving online educational environments for medical societies’ end-users. MULTILEARNING has been releasing new educational tools and processes on a quarterly basis for years and is set to continue under his guidance.