eLearning Activities

The MULTIEPORTAL eLearning Platform allows our clients to publish a multitude number of educational activities embedded within their eLearning Portal.

It is a unique educational environment for end-users as it features at the same time a complete virtual library to organize educational material that can be instantly found and consulted and the ability to provide major eLearning Activities within the same environment.

Any Educational Activity such as online Accreditation, Self Assessment, Clinical Case, Certification/Curriculum can therefore be found and exposed anywhere within the eLearning Portal but may as well be centralized and organized together also within a section set on the eLearning Portal where users will see all the topics/chapters of curricula available and the number of corresponding educational items available, they will then be able to filter content by Course Levels as well as any other filter available in the MULTIEPORTAL NavBar. such as finding corresponding content with keywords , authors/speakers, specific topics*, date range, and more..

Creating Accredited courses, Self Assessments, Clinical Cases, Learning Quizzes up to complete Online Certification/Curriculum in a centralized platform is now made possible thanks to MULTIEPORTAL.

The Online Certification Platform integrated within the MULTIEPORTAL Platform is constantly updated and includes already the following options:

  • All Curricula are listed together based on searches made by keywords, or filters applied such as topics*, labels (such as levels) and more.
  • The Curriculum page displays all the components that need to be completed intuitively, at a glance in a single page. It ensures that CME mandatory verbiage (should it be required) is clearly displayed.
  • The navigation is made easy, indicating the next step by a red arrow and a green check mark when a step has been completed.
  • In addition to the online educational modules, a downloadable form to log the clinical hours of practice is made available at the beginning of the activity.
  • It may include a group of CME courses that are independent and each offer CME credits.
  • When completed as a whole and combined with clinical hours of practice overseen by a mentor it allows obtaining a Certificate of Curriculum Completion.

Our platform has been built to meet the CME guidelines and requirements of all accrediting bodies

The MULTITESTER software integrated within the MULTIEPORTAL Platform is designed to meet the most demanding interactivity & multimedia requirements for (Accredited or not) Clinical Case Studies, Self-Assessments, and more…

Thanks to the MULTITESTER, eLearning Portals powered by MULTIEPORTAL have the ability to publish (at no extra costs) advanced learning quizzes linked and organized all together by topic and/or label with a unique concept of exposing the animated & narrated slide of a presentation containing the answer when the user submit an answer and even access the full presentation should users feel that they have to learn more from the content that they have been exposed to during those interactive activities.

The MULTILEARNING Group is continuously increasing the number of eLearning components on the MULTIEPORTAL Platform. Since April 2013, world live surgeries with ability to ask live questions to the chair are embedded within eLearning Portals powered by MULTIEPORTAL even from Mobile Devices! Contact us for more information.